British in French court over ski hosting

The British company Le Ski has appeared in court in France as the authorities try to end ski hosting. Signs are not good and it will have implications for all the other British Tour operators that offer hosting to guests. Judgement will be given next month. A judgement will be handed down on February 18th and if it goes against Le Ski we understand the company will consider appealing to a higher court. All the British operators that offer hosting are watching the case closely.  Most are pessimistic the result will go the way of the UK operators and British holidaymakers.

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Aurélien de PIERREFEU‘s insight:

Qu’on ne viennent pas s’étonner après cela que l’Autriche continue de grignoter des parts de marché sur la France… Le « ski hosting » y est monnaie courante et cela ne pose pas de problème majeur à qui que ce soit.


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