British ski hosts banned by French court

On Monday a court in Albertville has ruled that British Tour companies are not allowed use ski hosts to show clients round the slopes. It believes skier safety is compromsied. It is a test case and all ski hosting in France is now banned. The British are appealing. « As we expected the court in Albertville has taken the side of the locals and the protectionist agenda of the ESF. We will be appealing and the case now goes to a court in Chambery. The fight goes on and we will take this all the way, » said the co-founder of Le Ski, Nick Morgan, to PlanetSKI shortly after the judgement was given. Through a PR firm in London the ESF has given its reaction to the decison of the court. « This is not an ESF led court action, but the organisation has rightly shown its support for French law to be upheld and that for those organisations using hosting or other personnel to ‘guide’ such people must possess a valid qualifications to do so.

Whatever the legal complexities and ongoing court cases one thing appears certain. It is a PR disaster for the ESF that is already held in low esteem by many British skiers and snowboarders. It seems the reputation of the ESF with the British holiday skier is about to go from bad to worse.

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Aurélien de PIERREFEU‘s insight:

Difficile de ne pas voir dans la démarche de l’ESF un protectionnisme déplacé et une réponse inadaptée à la demande. A travers ce procès, c’est toute la destination Montagne française qui se retrouve malmenée. Nos amis autrichiens chez qui le « ski-guiding » est tolérée n’ont pas fini de prendre des parts de marché. Et qu’on se le dise, aucun flashmob ne pourra rattrapper cet impair !


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  1. JF Lanvers

    The ESF is totally justified in enforcing its rights. Its staff is highly qualified and its network of school delivers a consistent and high quality product France has every right to be proud of. If some British skiers and snowboarders hold ESF in low esteem, as the writer suggests, that’s their loss and they’re certainly free spend their snow pounds in attractive spots like Bulgaria, instead…


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